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The Internet is a changing place and RayYourDJ.com is committed to leading the way in consumer targeted search directories. With the high cost of placing banners on search engines, directories and other sites, it is becoming more and more difficult for smaller businesses on World Wide Web to spend their advertising dollars's all in one place. However, there is a solution and RayYourDJ.com has the answer.

For the most part however, search engines like Yahoo and Google have evolved over the years. But, most of the time they are still only good for people just browsing the web. They tend to come up with way too many irrelevant search results which can be very frustrating at times! So, if your looking for something specific like Bridal Shops in your area you might have to spend countless hours searching the web for something which should be right at your finger tips. With this in mind, there is little on the Web to tie Party Planning in South Florida together until now. That is exactly why RayYourDJ.com was created. Yes, exploring search engines may even be fun, but way too many times you come across a never ending parade irrelevant information. However, RayYourDJ.com is the "alternative." We simply link the South Florida Consumer to goods and services needed to help make their next party a huge success! People planning Parties, Weddings and other Events can now do so all in one place making RayYourDJ.com "Your One Stop Shop For all Your Party Needs!"

Also, please keep in mind that RayYourDJ.com is not just another Web Site with a few links. It too, is evloving into a complete Web Portal. Basically, a Web Portal is a Web Site which is specifically designed to gather and bring together a diverse amount of information all for one specific purpose. In our case here at RayYourDJ.com we are a Web Portal designed to help make event planning a lot easier and a lot more fun! "Our Speciality" is simply to gather information which can be used to help plan a party of any kind! In fact, we actually do the work for you! The consumer! We take it upon ourselves to continuously seach the World Wide Web linking on line goods and sevices to all those who browse RayYourDJ.com. We never charge for any of the text links on our sub pages! Yes, we do it for free! But, we also utilize affiliate programs and place their banners throughout the site further enhancing the RayYourDJ.com browsing experience. So keep coming back and checking out our daily updates! Updated 5/23/2015

Currently RayYourDJ.com offers 17 categories from which consumers may choose goods and services to help plan their next party or special event. There are also many more concepts in the planning stages. In the near future we will be adding our very own Party Planning Advice Columns written by Local Party Planning Experts. We will also add more "Related Categories" as well as adding search technology to the site as we develope our very own searchable database. Presently we are now listing many great affiliate sites who also advertise on RayYourDJ.com bringing you the consumer a wide range of goods and services from around the world making your Party Planning a less stressful experience. If there happens to be a web site you believe should be linked to RayYourDJ.com, please feel free to Suggest-A-Site by e-mail. We at RayYourDJ.com are always open to hearing from the people who browse our site. Sending us links to sites that have something to offer our users further enhances the browsing experience at RayYourDJ.com Updated 5/23/2015

While our main focus here at RayYourDJ is to target consumers planning parties, weddings and other events you can also now make RayYourDJ.com your home page of choice! As of May 2015 we are now updating and enhanceing the user experience adding news, sports, weather and many other topics of interest to RayYourDJ.com. Our game plan is to first rebuild a new home page. (Which we have and continue to tweek) Redeploy The Info Center and "about" pages and finally update the subpages containing links to outstanding goods and services which can help you plan your next special event! As we chug along there will be plenty of other areas of opportunity for us to expand. So stay tuned and make RayYourDJ.com your South Florida Home Page! We also always welcome comments. So, if you have any ideas, let us know! We will be happy to implement any great ideas ASAP! Updated 5/22/2015



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Do you live in a Condo or Community? RayYourDJ can help make your next get together one to remember! Having a pool side party or clubhouse event? You can choose any package you like! Karaoke only, $150; Dee Jay only, $200; Dee Jay and Karaoke, $250. However, I am only available on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday with discounted specials. Not available on Tuesday night or when I have regularly scheduled show. I may also be available some Thursdays. Please note that Friday and Saturday all parties start at $350 and up. Updated 5/22/2015

Our Mission is to establish RayYourDJ.com as the premier Event and Wedding Planning Directory in the world while maintaining a user friendly surfing experience as we grow.

The RayYourDJ.com web site is a web portal and directory dedicated to serving the South Florida area and beyond. For the convience of those who may surf RayYourdJ.com we link you, the South Florida Consumer to goods and services needed to help make your next party a huge success! People planning Private Parties, Weddings and other Events can now do so all in one place. However, many of the links within the RayYourDJ.com Directory may also be used by almost anyone, anywhere at anytime. Please also note that RayYourDJ.com does not endorse, promote, make any claims or has any opinion about or in regards to any of the goods, products or services found on the RayYourDJ.com portal or directory. We do not Tweet or use any form of Social Media to influence anyone in regards to any of the goods, products or services found on the RayYourDJ.com portal or directory. RayYourDJ.com does not use blogging either outside of RayYourDJ.com or within RayYourDJ.com Directory to promote or endorse any one good, product or service over another. All web sites linked to the RayYourDJ.com directory are either through paid advertising, affiliate marketing web sites (in which we may receive Compensation) or non affiliate marketing web sites (in which we do no receive compensation and have no direct relationship to) placed on this portal or directory for the general convience of consumers who surf RayYourDJ.com. Paid Avertisments and/or Affiliate Marketing Web Site and Programs placed on the RayYourDJ.com are not given precedent over any other web site found on or in the RayYourDJ.com Portal or Directory.

Our goal is to also become a complete web portal and directory by the end December of 2016. Currently, RayYourDJ.com has 17 categories with more on the way. Right now if you are looking for Bridal Accessories, Bridal Shops, Catering Facilities, Destination Weddings, Event Planning, Flowers, Florists, Great Gift Ideas, Honeymoon Hot Spots, Invitations, Limousine Service, Party Bands, Party Supplies, Photographers, Special Touches, Videography or Wedding Cakes, in the South Florida area, then RayYourDJ.com is the right place for you! No matter what the venue, whether it be an Anniversary Party, Birthday, Corporate Event, Company Picnic, Wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Bridal Shower or even a Kids Party we have countless links to all kinds of services!

Our Next Step will be to create our own searchabe data base which will include party planning goods and services needed to help plan your next party from just about anywhere. It is our policy to only include websites in our directory. No other forms of info including i.e Yelp etc. will be in our data base. A company must have their own personal URL and web based presense to be included in the RayYourDJ.com search directory or linked to one of our subpages.

By Januaray 1 of 2017 or even earlier our goal will be to offer both free and premium e-mail services, sell Domain Names and will be partnering with a major Web Hosting Company to Provide other Domain Name Services such as Domain Name Hosting, eCommerce solutions, Search Engine Marketing as well as the sale of SSL Certificates at discount prices. E-Commerce solutions with a personal touch.

Finally, we hope you will make RayYourDJ.com your home page for news, weather, sports, the econmy and other hot topics making RayYourDJ.com a complete Web Portal for all things South Florida and beyond!

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