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Planning to use a DJ for your Wedding? RayYourDJ has the experience and has worked Wedding in both New York and Florida for over 30 years. Wedding's can include a second DJ. DJ/KJ Robert Lavalle can also accompany Ray. DJ Robert Lavalle brings with him over 5 years of DJ and Karaoke experience as well his knowledge of today's music. Wedding's start at $750 and includes Basic Lighting; Dee Jay's Ray and Robert together $1250 and includes Basic Lighting. We can also provide other singers to entertain you with depending on availability. Singers are $250 per performer. Any combination of Dee Jay's and Singers can be used. So lets have a great time planning your Wedding and Let RayYourDJ and RayYourDJ.com help make your Wedding a huge success and event to remember! Updated 5/21/2015


Ray is available for all types of Private Functions! Anniversaries, Birthday, Family parties etc. All parties start at $350. Basic Lighting, add $100. Overtime is $75 per/hr. Please keep in mind that I do not DJ from a computer with a playlist! That, is not a DJ in my humble opinion. While I do have Karaoke on computer a DJ must be spontanious. Playing from an i-pod or computer is not. I never will. It is not my style and quite frankly why would anyone pay someone to DJ an event or even a wedding for them with 2 speakers and an ipod. I am there to DJ your party and have a great time myself and provide you with nothing less than a great sound system that you can really throw a party with! I boast one of the best mobile sound systems in South Florida and beyond and always looking to improve up it. So, if your looking for an old fashion DJ who plays the greatest music of all time and a DJ with the best sound system anywhere you have come to the right place! Updated 5/21/2015

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Do you live in a Condo or Community? RayYourDJ can help make your next get together one to remember! Having a pool side party or clubhouse event? You can choose any package you like! Karaoke only, $150; Dee Jay only, $200; Dee Jay and Karaoke, $250. However, I am only available on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday with discounted specials. Not available on Tuesday night or when I have regularly scheduled show. I may also be available some Thursdays. Please note that Friday and Saturday all parties start at $350 and up. Updated 5/21/2015

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By Januaray 1 of 2017 or even earlier our goal will be to offer both free and premium e-mail services, sell Domain Names and will be partnering with a major Web Hosting Company to Provide other Domain Name Services such as Domain Name Hosting, eCommerce solutions, Search Engine Marketing as well as the sale of SSL Certificates at discount prices. E-Commerce solutions with a personal touch.

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