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The Info Center is a great place to start and your resource to find out all the information you need to know about RayYourDJ.com and this expanding venture....

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About DJ Ray

Ray Your DJ has been a Disc Jockey Since 1983 With Over 20 Years Experience Specializing In Oldies Motown & Classic Disco. Bosting an all CD format, Ray Your DJ is loaded with an exciting music library spanning over five decades!....

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About RayYourDJ.com

RayYourDJ.com is a product of the new Web Environment. The Internet is a changing place and RayYourDJ.com is committed to leading the way in consumer targeted search directories. With the high cost of placing a banner on large search engines and directories, it is becoming more and more difficult for smaller businesses on World Wide Web to spend their advertising dollars's all in one place. However, there is a solution and RayYourDJ.com has the answer....

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Policy Home Page

The Policy Home Page includes The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), Terms of Service (TOS) and Our Privacy Policy. Please Visit this page to get more information about RayYourDJ.com and the policies governing this web site....

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Lets Get Started!

Building a Web Site should be an exciting time! Especially if your a small company or organization which is looking to expand it's horizons from a simple brick and mortor operation out onto the World Wide Web. However, before publishing yourwebsite.com it would be a good idea to start out with the basics.

Basically Speaking...and...

In case you havent noticed Web Design Incorporates many of the design elements as Print Advertising. With that in mind, it would be a good idea to find a web designer who understands how to take your ideas and what you have to offer and create a layout that will give your site it's own personality and one that will reflect what you have to offer.

Let your answers be your guide.

Web Sites are also know as "Web Documents." Your Web Site should provide your audience with all the necessary information to satisfy anyone coming to your site with questions about what it is you do and what you provide. Answering all of the questions below will act as a guide so that you can decide what information will be on your site and to whom it will be directed at. Suprisingly your answers below to who, what, where, when, how and why may work much the same way a business plan would.

Things you need to concider.

The first thing you need to do is consider your audience. The information on your site should be able to define your business and provide your audience with the best possible information about you and the service (s) you offer.

Who would you like to attract to you new site?

What separates your site and your e-business from everyone else in your market?

Where is your web based business going to be in a year two from now?

When would you like to realistically see results from your on line document?

How are you going to compete with others who have already been on line for several years or more?

Finally, Why is someone going to use your services from that of everyone else?

It's time to now drive traffic to www.yoursite.com.

Remember, traditional forms of media can still play a role in attracting customers and clients to your on line business. They actually may be used as a conduit to get persons in need of your services to your site. Lets face it, in most cases the information contained in a web based document far outweighs what you can carry around and hand out anyone on a business card or brochure. Not to mention, a web site is usually built once and updated when needed. Your new on line presence now allows you to rely less on volumes of expensive printed material and allows you the ability to drive traffic to your site with a more flexible and versatile marketing program. Also, out of all the companies and small businesses out there, how many have the makreting dollars to spend on radio and TV. Not to mention that a commercial will only run for a certain amount of time. However, the Internet is always on 24/7/365. So, if you want to play in the Big Leagues and want to aggressively attract people to what it is you do, you will have to do a certain amount of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

Think about it!

What does it cost to continuously update and reprint everything you could put on yourwebsite.com? What about the delivery of all this information? We are not talking about just a business card! That's why web sites are also know as "web documents." They are simply a great place to go where anyone can find out about what you and your organization has to offer. So once you now have an on line presence you can now better spend your marketing dollars and use other forms of print and media to attract people to your site. Of course any decision you make is going to depend on the size of your business and what type of business you are going to create. If you want to be the next Papa John's Pizza you better have the money to back you up. If you have a small business like a florist you may take a different approach. In conclusion, your decisions will be based on your budget. However, if you seek to take shortcuts all I can say for sure that you probably will not get the results you are looking for.

We can help!

RayYourDJ.com and our Technology Partners can help you and your organization design a web site catered exactly to your needs! If your in business, chances are you may need or want a web site to enhance your existing brick and mortar business. If you have a web site already, great! We at RayYourDJ.com can also help you enhance and update your existing web document! Our Technology Partners can also provide you with Domain Name Hosting, Web Site Design, Web Site Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as well as incorporate a shopping cart and or data base into your web site.

More than just Simple Design.

Please keep in mind, developing a web document goes beyond just simple design. Today's World Wide Web is a multi-platform, non-browser specific medium. Any Browser (IE, Safari, Netscape Opera, Firefox etc;) should be able to render pages flawlessly! That's why creating Web Sites should be left up to the Web Design Experts. We at RayYourDJ.com will take the time and personal interest necessary to create an "on line document" that will make a statement about you, giving your organization the credibility it deserves.

You need a plan of action.

So, if your going to place a "Web Document" on line putting a poorly thought out web site out on the World Wide Web for everyone to see would not be your best plan of action. First come up with a idea that will allow your site stand out from everyone else in your market place. Then, having some kind of marketing strategy whether it's very basic or an all out marketing plan could prove to be very beneficial to you and your organization. Of course, it will depend how much if any marketing dollars you have. But some marketing is better than nothing at all.

A little on Template Sites

This may also be a good time to briefly talk about Template Sites. Template Sites are generic web sites which can be purchased and downloaded at a very low cost. You can upload pictures and text with only a minimum of Web Design experience. However, if your going to manipulate your site in some way and or add a shopping cart or maybe even a data base you are probably going to have to hire a web designer anyway. Chances are that even with the purchase of a template you are going to spend pretty close to the cost of designing a web site from the start no matter what you do. Your best plan of action then, may in fact be to actually start your endeavor out on the right track by creating your site with the help of Web Designer from the start!


RayYourDJ is a DJ specializing in Oldies, Motown and Classic Disco serving South Florida. Broward County, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Lighthouse Point, Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Boca Raton Plantation, Sunrise and beyond!

If you would like to add your site to the RayYourDJ.com Directory please Link Your Site Here! You can place up to 40 words of text about your site free of charge. All web sites are reviewed and may take up to one week to get listed. However, every attempt will be made to add your site to the RayYourDJ.com directory within 72 hours.

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